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Suspension systems are a vital part of any vehicle and something that drivers take for granted. They comprise of springs, shock absorbers and other components, connecting the car to the road surface through its wheels and tires. We are based in Aberdare, Mid Glamorgan and can provide specialist advice on problems and repairs including replacement of shock absorbers.

A well-adjusted system provides stability and good handling and contributes to road safety by reducing the braking distance. It keeps the wheels of the vehicle in contact with the road surface and protects the car, its passengers and any other contents from damage and wear. The springs and shock absorbers reduce the effect of bumps and potholes on the road, providing driver and passengers with a more comfortable experience, an important factor on longer journeys.
Front Axle With Suspension And Absorber.


Problems with suspension systems can develop over time and may not be readily apparent to the car owner. However these issues will rapidly lead to a loss of performance and it is therefore always best to seek professional advice. It is estimated that whilst completing a mileage of 50 000 miles the springs in a car can move over 500 million times, which eventually results in sagging or snapping. In these harsh economic times poorly maintained roads have also contributed to an increase in the failure rate of springs. Another factor is the increased use of traffic calming measures including speed bumps in residential areas. Suspension faults affect the handling of a vehicle and its safety, as well as leading to more rapid wear and tear on tyres, increasing the cost of running a vehicle.


G and L Autos offer diagnostic services using state of the art equipment and trained mechanics, to locate any faults with your car’s steering or handling and to provide fast and effective repairs at a reasonable price.

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